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June 2007




Bio/Questions- When did you start customizing, and what got you into it? I began customizing back in December '06 after seeing several amazing customs on ebay and on other people's websites. Even though I have a background in art (drawing, some painting), I was not interested in making custom ponies originally. I was doing some reasearch online about G1's and G3's because I was interested in rebuilding my collection. Inevitably, I eventually ran into custom MLP's. Woosie's customs definitely come to mind. So many of the customs that I saw by different people were so incredible, impressive and artistic that I decided to try it out myself. Basically the customs that I came across impressed me so much, that I was inspired to give this type of artwork a try. I have been hooked ever since, and have made many customs. what is your style of customizing? I'm not really sure (lol), I don't think that I really have a particular style. There's a lot of amazing customizers that seem to have a particular style and their customs are always pretty recognizable. I don't think that I really fit into that. I think that my customs as a whole are a mixture of a lot of different styles. I usually try and do something different with each custom that I make, which results in each of my customs having a slightly different feel from the next. I like to use atypical materials on customs as well, I think it's a lot of fun. Atypical themes are also fun to do, such as Ranch pony. She was a commission and so was not originally my idea, but a ranch dressing bottle on a pony is pretty atypical. And my Dreamcatcher pony who has real bird wings. I've also used craft sand and seashells on a custom. What are your favorite materials? I really enjoy using Vallejo model acrylics. I also really enjoy using fantasy film, swarovski crystals, tinsel, different types of thread, glitter, feathers, charms, and nylon and saran hair from dollyhair. I also prefer working with adult, earth G3's over other types of MLP. I also couldn't do anything that I do without mod podge and krazy glue. I also just got some apoxie sculpt, and an airbrush. I have a feeling the airbrush will quickly become one of my favorite tools. Link to your gallery:

Mbryan's Album


I Have chosen Mbryan for the month of June because She has create some amazing customs in recent months! My 3 all time favorite are Yvette,"Soleil" and "Believe". Visit her gallery,




Bio/Ques.: I'm 22 and I pretty much make my living on doing art. Me and my fiance both run our art studio "Masamune Studios". I actually got into customizing when one of my friends sent me a picture of a cool looking custom. I thought it was the most awesome thing ever. When I was little I loved My Little Ponies. I was determined to make my own even if they didn't look that good but it turns out I wasn't half bad. Most of my customs are based off characters whether they be Anime, Cartoons, or in the Movies. I always like to make the Impossible characters possible. I never really am happy with just rehairing and painting a symbol I have to make the pony look like the character. I always loved to be challenged the more challenging the better. My favorite custom I have made has to be my Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy VII. He was my first custom ever and it was so hard for me to sell him. I sell a lot of my customs during Anime conventions at artist ally tables and do really well. I normally work with the nylon hair from Custompony and Dollyhair. I always use super sculpy and apoxie Sculpt when doing any sculpting on my ponies. I have a lot of Big customs on the way includeing Davy Jones, Yoda, Megatron, A Legend Of Zelda Series, A Kingdom Hearts series, A Final Fantasy VII and X series, and a styling pony of my persona which I am dreading rehairing lol.


I have chosen Anime-Amy because the past 2 months she's been really active with her customs. They are amazing for someone who just recently gotten into customizing ponies.


Anime_Amy Gallery

May 2007


Lady Satine


Bio- I'm 21 and married with lots of hamsters as my children. When I was in about 12th grade, I started getting into collecting MLP. I would get on ebay and see these OOAK or custom ponies. I thought they were so cool! But I didn't start customizing until last July when I was suddenly jobless for two months. I joined the MLP Arena in mid-August and started showing my customs there. I started selling them on ebay in November. Although I have customized a few G1's, I'd rather do G3's because of their style. I really enjoy giving my customs butterfly wings. Right now I am working on a couple different series; The Legend of Zelda and the Sundae Best G1's in G3 form. I have done over 30 customs since I started.

Lady Satine's Gallery


Crystal Choice: I have chosen Lady Satine because she's recently has done some amazing customs. She's improving every time. I honestly enjoy looking at them!




Aikarin has loved ponies since childhood and re-discovered them in 2000, while browsing on eBay. She also noticed a few people were painting these ponies and changing their hair colors. Aikarin decided to give that a try. Soon, pony customizing became one of her favorite past times. Since she gets easily bored, Aikarin keeps working on new designs and tries to push the envelope with new customizing techniques. Aikarin also enjoys knitting, baking cookies, and landscape painting.


Crystal's Choice:She's been customizing ponies since 2000. Throught the years she's has made many customs. She has a very unique style and is very innovative. She has done everything and continues to create something original and creative. She is my inspiration. Back in october of 2006 I visited her page and feel in love with the idea of customizing ponies.She is a great person and willing to help.We are keeping in touch.

Aikarin's Official Site