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6-11-07 Hi again. Just uploaded my latest custom named Electra.!

6-09-07 Hey there, I finished my first baby custom. Her name is Frienship. Check her out please. In Couple of days I will add my other custom that was commissioned.

5-18-07 Hey there, I finished a commissioned custom. One of 2. Her name is Rainbow Rose. She's in the galleries. check her out!

5-3-07 Hey there, I finished yet another one. Her name is Princess Cherrie. She's in the galleries. I also have other ideas in my head. i will spell it out when I'm certain I can create it.

4-25-07 Hey there, I finished one custom. Her name is Princess Janet. check her out on the galleries!!!

4-16-07 Hey there, I'm in the process of making 4 custom ponies. Hopefully I finish one this week.

4-02-07 I have finished jeff hardy fanatic pony.check him out under the galleries!!

3-22-07 Sorry for not updating been 2 busy. But I am working on 3 is a gift for my cousin well more for her first daughter who will be born in 3 months. the other 2 are for a hardy fan.

3-1-07 I finished my custom. Her name is Crystal Blues you can find her under the galleries! This was the custom I started working on 2-17-07. I finally done. I think she's adorable! I hope my best friend love her (it's for her daughter)

2-17-07 Hi there I'm working on another custom, I haven't setup the template for commissions.. Don't know what to type there lol.

2-06-07 Hi there I just finished a custom named Butterfly Sweets check her out at the galleries

2-03-07 Hi there been awhile I keep forgetting to do some minor additions such as the commission form. Anyway I'm prepping 2 non-commission Ponies, One G3 baby and G1 firefly( I bought them both at toyloft)

1-18-07 Another update I finished my non-commision pony.She's for a little friend of mine. She loves RBD. I finally finished it today. I hope she likes her. I just love the hair :)

1-12-07 wow been 5 days, I been so into MLPA Forum.I did updated the site though like the sales, I added Rosie Love to the galleries. I'm currently working another custom pony.Is non-commision.I have a lIttle hard time with it. Her symbol that is. I didn't draw it I just cut off from a rubber bracelet and first used tacky glue but that didn't work (twice) So finally decided with crazy glue and it finially attached.That's pretty much it.

1-07-07 Hey fellow friends, Currently I'm working on a new custom. That is why I haven't upload anything new yet. But maybe later today.

1-06-07 Hey there, I'm so happy how my site is looking. Some pages are up.Need to add the descriptions of my customs, put the 1 custom on sales page, and the template for commisions. For commissions you need to email me at or I will let you know when I'm ready for them!

1-02-07 Welcome to my Launch site!This site you will find my latest customs that are for sale









This Site no way associated with hasbro My little Pony.This is my personal site.

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